Computer Networking

We can plan, deploy and support a robust, fully redundant computer network complete with resource and application sharing, remote access, and system security for your business. Using the latest protocols, we can set up LANs (Local Area Networks) and WANs (Wide Area Networks) for any size business, from the single office with a dozen employees to the multi-site corporation with over 1000 employees.

Examples of networks we can deploy:


Internet Usage

One way of keeping your employees productive and focused is to control what they can and cannot view on the internet. Time spent navigating websites not related to work can cost a company thousands in lost productivity. At Kekoa, we can set up firewalls based on your specific internet usage policies while tightening security parameters.

Network security

When it comes to preserving the integrity of your network, we can provide real-time data protection without compromising its performance with custom-configured firewalls. Our business firewalls provide:

VPN's (Virtual Private Networks)

We can deploy virtual private networks (VPN) to give offsite users secure access to your network. VPNs are cost effective in that they do not use leased lines (e.g. fiber optic, T1) but rather secure IP (Internet Protocol) tunnels and they save the expense of installing programs at the user’s end. For example, a user located outside your facility can access your enterprise application (e.g. CRM) without the need to install it on their workstation.

At Kekoa, we can help you choose the optimal VPN solution based on your specific needs (e.g., permission access, bandwidth allocation.)